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Standard Control Panels

Do you want to build and commission your own PLC-based control system, but don't have the time or fabrication facilities to assemble it from scratch?? We can help !!

C&E Design® offers a line of cost-effective, pre-engineered, pre-fabricated PLC control panels utilizing a number of different programmable controller platforms. The fabricated assemblies were conceived for use as a starter kit for the "do-it-yourself" end-user. These panels are available in either expandable or non-expandable versions. They are ready for you to adapt to your specific application by providing finalized wiring diagrams, connecting your field wiring, programming and downloading your ladder logic, and commissioning.

Below is information regarding General Specifications for our panels, the specifics of our various control panel options, and purchasing information. All our panels are available for quick-turnaround delivery.

General Specifications Allen-Bradley Based Systems Siemens Based Systems
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